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vic fuentes alphabet
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Alex:I think my first kiss, uhm, went a little like this, I don't know, I guess my real first kiss was...
Jack:...Was like 3 weeks ago, right?
Alex:yeah, with your mom
Rian:I was in 8th grade and my girlfriend at the time and I were like "slow dancing" to Slipknot (wait and bleed), it was a weird thing
Alex:How do you "slow dance" to Slipknot dude?
Rian:*laughs* Anyway, and it was after that, it was weird. Gummy, I'd say
Alex:Gummy? Didn't you have teeth?
Zack:Mine was in 8th grade at a park
Jack:Did you touch her tits bro?
Zack:Probably, I really don't remember
Alex:Did you get to second base bro?
Zack:I hope I did
Alex:High five dude! Second base
Jack:I didn't really use to kiss girls but in kindergarten I used to go behind the chalkboard and we showed each other our body parts
Rian:In kindergarten? That's a little weird
Alex:You're grossing me out bro. It was kindergarten dude
Jack:I know man but I was young too
Alex:You were in kindergarten until you were 14

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